Dr. Robin Wiley, DVM


Dr. Robin Wiley, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)


Robin has been working at Clinton Veterinary Services for 31 years.


Robin has been practicing Veterinary Medicine since 1981.  Robin and her husband Dr. Peter Wiley were the original owners of Clinton Veterinary Services and sold the practice to Dr. Sophie Farrell in 2011.


Robin has four children and three grandchildren.


Robin has two dogs; Nova, a Yellow Lab and Benjamin, a Malti Poo as well as two cats; Baghiera and Outdoor Kitty.


What Robin loves most about her job is combining her love of working with both animals and people in a medical setting.


Something that you may not know about Robin is that she believes strongly in the capacity of the human-animal bond to improve the health of both animals and people.



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