Preventive Health Care

Just like our own annual medical check-ups, an annual preventive care exam allows us to evaluate your pets’ health status and to detect any problems sooner.  This is especially important for pets as one “pet year” can be the equivalent of five to seven “human years”.  Can you imagine only seeing your doctor every seven years? 

Early detection and diagnosis of a health problem can help your pet live a longer and healthier life, especially as many illnesses show very gradual changes in your pet that may be difficult to appreciate in the early stages, and don’t produce dramatic changes until they are in an advanced state.   

At your pet’s annual preventive care exam, our health team will review your pet’s history, lifestyle, behaviour and diet and ask about any changes that you have noted.  A nose to tail exam will be performed and any concerns found will then be discussed.  If your pet requires any vaccines, they will be administered at this time.