Helpful Tips for the Dog Park

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8 Helpful tips to ensure pets and their owners have a positive and fun experience at the dog park!

1. Pick up after your dog. Dog poop can spread bacteria and disease to other dogs.

2. Keep children out of off-leash dog parks. The chances of an accident are just too high.

3.  Watch your dog like a toddler, knowing where he is and what he is doign at all times.  This helps you also determine wheat mood he is in, and tells you when it’s time to go.

4.  Bring water and a bowl to hydrate your dog as needed.  Food, treats and toys should be left at home as they can encourage dog fights.

5. Have realistic expectations of your dog.  If you dog is anxious or a bully, the dog park can make these traits worse.

6.  Dont forget, people are in dog parks too.  While you may be a responsible pet owner, others may not be, causing arguments between people.

7.  Have some general knowledge of dog body language, so you know what’s considered good play and what isn’t.

8. Make sure you dog is healthy and vaccinated, as well as spayed and neutered.

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